What is injection moulding, and what are its uses?

24 September 2021
Agboakiosime Imoudu

Have you ever wondered how all the colourful plastic parts around you are made? Most are produced using a process known as injection moulding. Read on to find out what injection moulding is and why it is important. 

What is injection moulding?

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process that allows you to produce plastic parts in large volumes by injecting molten materials into a mould. It is the most frequently used plastic part production method. With this method, you can produce the same part thousands or millions of times. The process requires a mould of the part to be produced, an injection moulding machine, and raw material. It starts with the mould creation and ends with the ejection of the finished part from the mould.

Uses of injection moulding 

Some common uses of injection moulding are; 


Most toys are produced using injection moulding. It allows the manufacture of toys of different sizes, shapes, and colours. 

*Automotive components 

Automotive parts like bumpers and dashboards are generally made using injection moulding. 

*Electronic components 

Injection moulding is also the method of choice for producing electronic components, like those used in computers and television sets. 

*Furniture accessories 

Also made from injection moulding are furniture accessories such as seat cushions and covers. 

*Healthcare industry 

The healthcare industry requires a massive quantity of disposable and safe materials. This need is now being mostly met using injection moulding. Medical and dental items such as trays, syringes, tubes, implants, and sutures, are made using injection moulding. 

*Plastic bottles 

Injection moulding enables the large-scale production of different types, sizes, shapes, and colours of plastic bottles and bottle caps. 


In the construction sector, injection moulding finds uses in the large-scale production of roofing vents, insulators, and other materials. 


Other items that owe the bulk of their production to injection moulding are flower pots, sports training devices, toilets seats, and mobile phone cases. 

Bottom line 

Injection moulding is the method of choice in the production of plastic parts. This is due to the high output rate, cost-effectiveness, and repeatability. It allows manufacturers to mass-produce even complex shapes that would ordinarily have cost a fortune and taken much time.